Easy Pull System


⚠️Gym machines usually take up a lot of space, they have one or two functions, they cannot be moved.⚠️

That is why we have created the Easypull Training Pulleys. Our pulleys are portable systems that allow you to:

▶️ Adapt the pulleys to anywhere or take them on vacation.

▶️ Do pulley exercises like in your Gym.
▶️ Methodically improve in Calisthenics exercises.
▶️ Maximize your strength and muscle hypertrophy.

Do you want to know what the differences are and which system is the best for you?

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Live demo

How does Easypull © work ?

Click on play to discover how to train using Easypull ©, a patented and unique system in the world.

Discover the advantages

The protagonist of our history is you : our pulley systems are the result of the sum of small ideas and contributions from many people like you. We have thought of you to design a pulley system that adapts to what you need.

Easy Pull System


Our Easypull pulley systems are portable as they can be put on and taken off whenever you want and carried in a backpack or briefcase.


Easypull pulleys are very versatile as they can be adapted to very diverse structures. You can bring the gym to your home or your training center.

Quick Install

Our various systems are installed very quickly (2'-3 ').

Different types of weight

You can hang different types of weights: plates, kettlebell dumbbells, etc.


Our pulleys are ideal to work strength and increase the size of your muscles.


Pulley work will help you prevent or recover from injuries.

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